3 March 2013

he serenaded us with the lion sleeps tonight, while we ate.
i love his funky scarf that matches his guitar strap with his plain grey suit.

27 February 2013

topshop tee, topshop jeans, vans, amethyst necklace (lost)

mums cardigan, unknown black tshirt dress, h&m leopard pumps, accessorize earings

sisters denim jacket, urbanoutfitters shirt, unknown black dress, h&m dotted tights, navy doc martens

yuki lace dress, old bank cardigan, vans, h&m dotted tights
first few days/weeks into second year of sixth form, while it was still warm enough without tights, and no need for coats.

end of summer outfit, for end of summer party. though i realise this looks quite autumny, in colours and layers, but i guess thats just how i dress.
favourite trusty tshirt illustrated people, topshop shorts, autograph cardigan.

all from summer 2011 i have just figured out, i wonder how different i look. while i was doing work experience i remember wearing these outfits, running around doing errands, photocopying things and buying milk, was so hot!
tshirt from covent garden, topshop high waisted jeans (far too big at waist for fit nicely on legs, so not good fitting!) vans, accessorize earings, casio watch, topshop sunglasses (wish i lost this year at reading festival) and V leather bag from florence.
topshop jumper, h&m playsuit, topshop clogs, amethyst necklace (that i proceded to loose new years eve 2011 turning 2012, i was deeply upset. )

its so weird looking back at these photos as i remember what i did on most of these days. i'm also quite tanned as i just been wakestock festival in wales and it was boiling, and i haven't been tanned in along time! i wore this to go to the cinema with my dad, on one our daddy and daughters days, yes we're cool.
my favourite overworn tshirt from illustrated people, topshop skirt, urbanoutfitters tied around shirt, urbanoutfitters boots, accessorize earings, casio watch.

wow this was a post from back at school i have just found in drafts, ergh i hated learning french, can't believe this is from like school times, about 3 years ago!

"Really quick post, sorry. I have to learn french majorlly. And i will get back to some comments that i havent gotten back to, thank you so much btw you guys are lovely commenting. And i'm totally behind on checking all my favourite blogs as i'm just so stressed out right now! Hopefully will be better tomorrow or friday! haa. Have a lovely wednesday."
haven't updated in literally years. gonna start by posted some quite old pictures, but i still wear alot of these clothes. and then start posting new ones once i get my camera back. just going to be a blog for me to see what i choose to wear everyday now being a full time art student, as i haven't taken photos of my outfits in a while, and often forget what i wear.
my sister denim jacket, urban outfitters plaid shirt, paris thrift shop playsuit, zara chain bag, vintage earings, clarks brogues, casio watch, old bank belt.