29 April 2010

things that make me think.

How brave is Agyness for sporting this haircut? Weirdly I think she can pull it off.

The Chanel briefcase/backpack too cool!

Why are Rodarte's clothes so amazingly unique and beautiful.

What Anna Wintour was like when she wore things like this.

How actually beautiful Audrey Hepburn is.

How I dearly miss Luella and think this is one of her best dresses she designed and of course who better to pull it off than Alexa!

It pains me to think about how much one of these beautiful YSL rings would cost.

Nebula - i could stare at this for ever.

How they manage to make the shirt like this and stay on Chloe!

27 April 2010

summer please stay forever.

One of my more summery outfits as of late and I'm so enjoying dressing for the weather, had a lovely day lazing in the grass and then to see my niece. Now i am going to learn some french.
Wearing topshop shorts, and clogs, vintage floral leotard - which i have been wearing alot of lately, but im trying to wear it in different looks.

26 April 2010


The new toast catalogue arrived in the post today, and I always enjoy looking through and picking my favourite looks, I especially like to see the shoots and scenery as they are always in rustic looking places. They always do classic pieces, however they show them in a quirky way. I personally love the wide leg baggy trousers!
Check out the website : www.toast.co.uk

25 April 2010

shoe lust.

These shoes are my new lust! they are exactly what I've been looking for, lace up boots with a wedge. I better start saving my money!

22 April 2010

festival talk.

So lately the talk has been about festivals, T4 on the beach, V Festival, T in the park, Reading. I'm pretty broke at the moment, so will only be going to like one, but I suppose theres always next year! Anyway as much I love music (T in the Park line up, IS CRAZY, its like muse, kasabian, eminem, florence and the machine, biffy clyro, the prodigy, the courteeners, the proclaimers AND SO MANY MORE, but to be fair Reading festival is as rad too!) so yeah FASHION, i always love seeing what people wear to these events, with the clothes being influenced by the music and of course the surroundings (wellies and boots or for those in America at Coachella trainers and sandals) so here are some of my picks of the great festival inspired outfits, on and off the catwalk.

The famous:

On the Catwalk:


Alice Temperley:
Alexander Wang:

catwalk images and first two street looks from www.style.com

last street style www.runawaygallery.com

famous styles www.zimbio.com and www.contactmusic.com

16 April 2010


This is beautiful new collection by Jenny Reyes, a Los Angeles designer inspired by music. Because of her love of music she travelled with bands and produced stage outfits. She scored an internship with the amazing Rodarte, which led on to her own line.
'This first collection reflects the joy of discovery and lifelong passion of a young designer who shows much promise. Consider this to be the beginning of a long and beautiful story.'
Check out the pieces on : http://www.geronimocollection.com/

13 April 2010

spring blooms.

Today i went for a lovely walk, at a local manor house. The house and grounds are just beautiful like secret garden, in vast acres. I wore a vintage floral leotard, h&m cardigan, vintage belt, black dress which i folded into a skirt and topshop sandals.

12 April 2010

blossoms and chanel.

I've been waiting a while to see the tree standing outside my house to bloom into blossoms, to me this is when it truly feels like spring/summer. I just had to take some photos, and while i was taking them they reminded me of a shoot in the latest Lula edition. In which a girl wears a blossom shaped hairpiece. I loved it as soon as I saw it, and of course where else would something so beautiful be from, Chanel.


7 April 2010

trying out the clogs.

Here is what I wore today, an oxford university tee, topshop rara skirt,lock bag, urban outfitters necklace, and topshop clogs.
I was slightly sceptical at first to pair them with black tights as they are brown, however I actually think the clogs work really well the casual look. Wont be posting for a few days going to see family, have a lovely end of the week!

6 April 2010

music makes you loose control.

On Friday I went to one of the regular band nights i go to, it was lots of fun, more so than usual as there were alot more people and more bands, with some pretty funny songs. Me and some friends jumped/danced all night with exception of going outside to cool off and to dance in the rain. I am wearing an urban outfitters shirt, vintage velvet shirt, topshop sandals. Here is the band weatherbird.