19 July 2011

catching up with paris.

I went on an art and textiles trip to Paris with my Sixth Form a couple of weeks ago, it was amazing, though so busy, it really is a beautiful city. Shall post more picture soon, this is a photo of me and friend oblivious to the camera sat on the fountain by the Louvre early morning.

Wearing a topshop exclusive maxi dress, vintage denim, vans and italian tan bag.

10 June 2011


just testing out my new camera, the first is the left over of acrylic inks that i used for my final piece which i haven't been bothered to clear away. the second is a collection of bottle tops as i thought i would perhaps make jewellery/necklace, though has yet happened. and the third is of a corner of an easil in my room that had a great splatter of colours.

8 June 2011

this is a top i will never part with, i find it goes with absolutely everything, whether it actually does is a different matter. its super soft and has an oversize quality that if you really wanted could pass a dress, or just wear with leggings (though i'm not really a leggings wearer) its by illustrated people, which i bought at topshop a couple of years ago.

as i had started sixth form last september, it was a real step up from school, and i became lazy with blog and found i could only concentrate on work. as silly as it sounds it was also very strange not having to wear a uniform everyday and i found it important to dress myself in the morning, in a way that would express me, while keeping essential everyday wears. the doc martens were my "back to school" perchase. i had wanted a pair for so long, as they are classic boots and got me through the winter months!

the backpack was another thing i had be longer for, though everywhere i looked no-one sold them, unless i wanted to look like boy. i came upon this backpack on urbanoutfitters website on sale for half price, and likened it to a similarity to a chanel backpack, with the quilted fabric and gold details. though the straps weren't quite strong enough for my books, i had them re attatched with stronger leather for a small price and its now better than ever!

my friend had bought me this amythist necklace as a christmas present, and i attatched my opal elephant and a sterling silver twisted ring also onto the chain. the belt is actually my mom's belt from when she used to work at the bank as you can see from the logo.


wearing rimmel black nail varnish, and revlon 'pink pout' which is a beautiful light pink shade.

i spent alot of the day reading 'one day' by david nicholls, which i am really enjoying, i have just got to the second section and there was this quote, which i really liked.