20 August 2010

a look back.

This is my mom back in the day, in Portugal. And as i am heading to Tuscany soon i thought it was appropriate to show some pictures. I love my mom style in these two pics the first especially because she looks so cool, as i love the trapeze top and sunglasses but also the fact she is wearing a cowboy hat. The second photo you may recognise the pair of shorts from the blog which i have worn numerous times. So as fashion comes in circles i may be dressing like this while I'm away!

17 August 2010

summer nights.

Just a super quick post, i seem to be very busy doing nothing! This is really a fall dress but i love rolling up the sleeves and wearing it with no tights in summer evenings.

11 August 2010

down to earth.

Sorry for neglecting the blog, was away with friends and family for a week, had such a lovely time. I really need to get dedicated to the blog again, after my exam all replying and posting seemed to go out the window. Anyway here is some inspiration from recognition magazine love the colours and especially the headpieces and jewelry.