6 November 2009

lula lula lula.

I recently purchased the latest Autumn/Winter issue of Lula, and I was very lucky as it as it was the last one in borders. Here are some photos of the pages that have really inspired me for my latest Textiles project. As i love the pale pastelley colours and the vintage feel the photos give.

3 November 2009


Here are just some odd snapshots I took while in London the other week. I didnt take many as I was in abit of a rush. I decided to edit them on adobe photoshop and on the internet site rollip. I liked all the effects I did of the taxi so therefore decided to combine them in a three way photo.

2 November 2009

topshop mania.

I recently went into my favourite Topshop store, and as i was by myself, i used the opportunity to try absolutely everything on that caught my eye. Now of course you can only take a maximum of 6 items in, so i went to the upstairs and downstairs changing rooms! This was my favourite outfit out of the bunch, which was; a lace tunic and grey denim jeggings/treggings (i have no idea what they are called) and my own brogues.