23 August 2009


Sorry for not posting in a week! But i have been quite busy this week although not really an excuse but still, as i have been seeing family and trying to do lots of work. So i thought i would share a quick outfit post as i still have lots of work to do!

I am wearing a Gap cardi, Urban Outfitters locket necklace, Topshop dress and some scribbled on plimpsoles.

16 August 2009

todays wearings

I am wearing a Zara turquoise cardigan which i decided to wear as i all ways stick to the same old navy/grey/black cardi, a dress slip from this little shop called KOKO tucked into an Urban Outfitters skirt, vintage blue belt, accessorize velvet shoes and accessorize beaded bracelets and of course the 'nerd' glasses from Primark wear i simply popped the dark lenses out.

vintage happenings

Whilst wondering through town yesterday i went into one of favourite little shops that has no name. Its one of those really cute vintage shops that just seems to store every bit and bob by not going too charity shop. Anyway looking around i noticed for the first time that it had an upstairs and he had a really mix of things. And in the corner of the room out came these vintage canvases,

which reminded very much of my 'Vintage Inspired' art topic that i have basically finished with just a few finishing touches to development and the final piece so i thought i would share you a few pages.

Keep checking back for posts of the dress!

14 August 2009

summer time

I have recently just spent my holiday down in East Sussex for a wonderful week with friends and family, where we would go exploring all of the various fields until we were told by a passing driver that farmers don't actually like people walking through their crops! So we won't be doing that again! As this holiday was in England and English weather isn't always the best, even though its suppose to be summer, I made it a challenge to myself to go through the week wearing as many dresses, skirts and shorts as I could, rather than wearing the good old jeans. In this photograph I am wearing a Topshop cardigan, Oxford university t-shirt from Covent Garden market and also a Topshop skirt which I haven't worn in ages so I am giving it a new lease of life!

13 August 2009

hi there

This my new blog which is a rather silly thing to write as its quite an obvious statement, but trying to choose the first words to feature on a blog is difficult. It will be a blog devoted to my fashion inspirations ranging from the tiniest things from Internet shopping to having an entirely inspirational trip which will include my own personally style thoughts. I also love art and and anything creative as from an early age my mother took me to many art gallery's which meant I was always filling up sketchpads with random drawings. But now recently I have started to take art more seriously and I am very devoted to it even if I sometimes complain i don't have enough time! Anyway enough of my rambling I hope you will enjoy my thoughts, inspirations and photos in my blog and will be an avid reader!