28 June 2010

everyday is a dress up.

All clothes vintage, Wrangler denim jackets, Benetton crop top, velvet riding hat.
Accessories, rings - Accessorize and Dorothy Perkins.

26 June 2010


Zara is one of the best places around for individual T-shirts that aren't very expensive. They have had ones in this type of design for a while now, and I decided that I lack in T-shirts and therefore brought it to a new home. I loved the print on this design.

23 June 2010

dream weavers.

Wow all my exams are over. It feels so good. Though I feel awful for neglecting the blog, and I have been so inspired lately its untrue. I feel so behind with everything in the blog-o-sphere, though I am going to be a dedicated blogger again, and enjoy my free time for a couple of months. So anyway instead of blogging (as I was trying to ignore the computer/laptop as much as possible for revision) in breaks from revision I have been creating different mood boards of fashion inspiration. Mainly from going through old Teen Vogue's and being inspired one certain spread (the one below and others throughout, 'Dream Weavers') And now that I have so much time off I'm going to really be more creative and rework old clothes that I never wear.
Scanned images from Teen Vogue Magazine

Teen Vogue Spread, Rodarte image from Elle Collections, Necklace here, backpack here

Teen Vogue Spread, Missoni Spring/Summer 10 here, Polaroid Mary Kate Olsen in the Wackness - source unknown

Teen Vogue Spread, dress here, camper van Elle high street issue, photos Elle home issue, Mary Kate Olsen in the Wackness here

plait Elle Collections, sheepskin shrug here, Mary Kate here , boots here, corner images Elle.

Mary Kate Teen Vogue, image Lula, Mary Kate here, Jane Aldridge here, Mary Kate Elle, Elle

Mary Kate teen vogue mag, backpack - unknown source, Chanel clogs Elle collections, rings - unknown, Lily Cole Vogue Nippon, Kirsten Dunst Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue scan, Elle jumpsuit, 'goonies' spread - unknown

both Mary Kates here, teen vogue scan x2, Karl Lagerfeld hair Elle

Mary Kate here, also Harper's Bazaar, Rumi Neely here, shoes here, Rodarte - Elle collections

Christoper Kane Elle collections, boots and fur here, image British Vogue, Mary Kate here

'goonies' spread unknown source, Mary Kate Harper's Bazaar, Coco Sumner Teen Vogue, Mary Kate here, sequin top Topshop magazine, Chanel's blood lust tumblr here

mods v rockers unknown, Alexander Wang boots Elle collections, Jane Aldridge here, Rumi Neely here

7 June 2010

ring collection.

I bought this leaf ring at the weekend, as i was looking at different leaf rings on Topshop and found this in Dorothy Perkins to be cheaper. I feel as it being silver it can easily go with different rings, not that i tend to match colours anyways. My ring collection is growing!

Sorry for not getting back to comments, thank you so much for the comments on the London post. I have constant exams everyday this week and next week so posts will be slow and so will getting back to comments.

4 June 2010

under current.

I love buying different fashion/art magazines that are unique. I came across this magazine called Under Current, it caught my eye not through harsh colours but by how, in a way, mysterious it was by the front cover. It definitely didn't disappoint in the photography shoots, as i fell in love with the colours that were used, photographed in lightly haziness with a sense of fairytale while at the same time very futuristic. These images also referred to the artist interview with Dee Ferris who's art pieces remind me of night-time lights however also astronomy nebula. Tell me what you guys interpret these images of.

Sorry for the light on the images!

Images of book by me 3 images taken from here

2 June 2010

London happenings.

Yesterday I went to London with my mom for a day trip. I love going to London I always feel a certain buzz when I'm there and I had a wonderful day yesterday. We went for out usual drinks and food at the Tate Modern Cafe, sadly it was a pretty miserable day weather wise but i suddenly got excited when I found out we were allowed to take photos in the art rooms. Which is unusual as normally in England you aren't allowed to take photos, so I took millions! I normally go to London every couple months, however this time we didn't go to see a specific exhibition. But it was great to just wonder around the different gallery rooms some of the photography was amazing and there was some real great pieces by Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet, Robert Rauschenburg and Andy Warhol and Gerhard Richter (which i shall do a separate post about). We also then went to the Victoria and Albert museum to see the Fashion section. There were some great pieces like some YSL, Ossie Clark, Rei Kawakubo, Chanel, Madeleine Vionnet and there was also an Alexander McQueen piece from his spring/summer 2010 collection. It was so strange to see a piece like that, the graphic print intwined into the dress and also this truely fashion forward/futuristic piece surrounding with all the remembrance of past dress times. The sheer skill was shown by how the pattern was used and by knowing how it was to be assembled in just the right places was just amazing to see.

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I wore my republic jacket, autograph swing cardigan, topshop dress, topshop sandals, accessorize ring.