23 May 2010

happy days.

Whoa its been crazy hot today! I don't think I can deal with it! Oh dear I should be happy its so warm. I was listening on the radio in England today it was said it was hotter than Barcelona, Rome, Athens and San Fransisco! I had a day in the sun at a beautiful park, revising, oh what fun.

I'm wearing a dress I've worn quite a few times on this blog, but I love it, i feel like a pixie or a hippy either one I don't mind. I'm also wearing a brooch from Snapdragon's Blog which my mum won from a givaway on facebook. My mum also has a blog VenetianBlue. I pinned the brooch onto a headband to wear.

22 May 2010


Whoa I have been gone for almost a week. Exams are taking over and strangely in England it is super hot and sunny. The kind of weather that makes you want to sleep, eat ice lolly's all day and then just jump into cool swimming pool. I've hardly been on the internet all week actually so I haven't been checking my favourite blogs or getting back to you for your lovely comments, but I will be now! However I did manage to quickly see the new meadham Kirchhoff and Kate Moss collections any thoughts on them guys? I loved Meadham and Kirchhoff but you new I would from one of my previous posts. I also kinda felt Kate Moss has been more promoted than the designer but that's expected I suppose it angers me little though! But if I'm totally honest I did like the collection all the pastel colours that are so popular now have been used and there are some really great fabrics and embellishments. I have been feeling slightly uninspired this week and I'v been saving my money so I havent really bought any new clothes in a while. No clothes are really jumping out to me when i've been shopping but i do keep looking at accessorises. There are three main accessorises which i have been liking.

16 May 2010

sunny accessories.

Went shopping today with three of my friends. It was such a lovely day, as it suppose to rain during the day however it was beautifully sunny and warm all day. I also bought a ring to start my collection as i really want to clump loads on. I love the light turquoise colour with the slight pink in it, and the gold doesn't look tacky from Accessorize. Oh and I bought some little turquoise earrings too. I wore a similar outfit to my previous post, but changing the dress. I wasn't sure whether I would need a jacket so lucky I packed a lightweight cardigan in my bag, I like to thing I'm prepared. How was everyone elses' Sundays, get up to anything arty/fashionable/musical or just had a lovely day in the sun?

12 May 2010

leather and gladiators.

Sorry i have been absent, had a kinda crazy but boring week. Should get back to normal next week. So here's just a quick outfit post for now. Have a lovely Wednesday. Oh and thank you for all the lovely comments and followers will get back to you!

9 May 2010

meadham and kirchhoff.

While I was reading the latest issue of Vogue (British) yesterday (which was a really good issue, especially the article about a great photographer) I noticed this little snippet. I think the beautiful rough nude dress caught my on the page, as for ever i have been trying to scour the shops for a perfect nude dress, however no such look for me. Anyway, the dress is by Meadham and Kirchhoff and then I read FOR Topshop. This got me very excited as I loved there spring/summer collection (see below). I think I mainly liked it, for the signature base colour scheme, whites/nudes and blacks/greys however the beautiful texture and drapes and crinkles just blew me away. Also the unique structure on the trousers and dresses all topped off with black socks and patent brogues, as well as the longer hem line like Marc Jacobs also did. Although it says in the article they used their assistant for inspiration along with keeping their usual look. I tried to research about the latest collection, however there doesn't seem much about it, just stuff on their previous collection for Topshop and no dates in the article. Ah well I'll just keep my eye out. Although the price tags are pretty hefty!!

The spring summer 2010 collection:

Oh also I forgot to say about the film Date Night! It really is a hilarious film. I think it was good because we didn't know what we were expecting as we hadn't seen any trailers. I actually not a bad story line either. There was one scene in particular which was super funny however it also helps when there's one man in the cinema with a hilarious laugh!

6 May 2010

denim on denim?

Super quick post, just in got in from dance and i'm stooped (stooped? what kinda word is that!) but i have finally had time to at least do a post as all week i have been stressing over learning french which was finally over today, YES. Um yeah simple outfit, but i kinda like the top button done up on the denim jacket, and technically the dress is chambray but still thats like a form of denim. So what do you think the denim on denim look yay or nay? or maybe only alexa can carry it off?


3 May 2010

hearts and heels.

I'm just about to go to the cinema with my friend to see Date Night, I don't really know much about it but iv heard its suppose to be very funny and that Tina Fey is in it, so hopefully lots of laughs tonight!
I'm wearing a heart crop top that I found this weekend in my moms wardrobe, its vintage Benetton made in Italy. I fell in love with it, as I have not yet purchased a crop top even though they are every where and hearts seem to popping up too so its a great combo! Also wearing my autograph cardigan which I cant seem to take off at the moment, urban outfitters skirt and topshop heels.
Oh also Frock Me with Alexa Chung and Henry Holland has just recently started up again so iv been watching that today, if you are viewing in England check it out, its on Sundays at 12.30 on channel 4!