29 March 2010

missoni, queen of knitwear? i think so.

One of my favourite designers is Angela Missoni, and she didn't disappoint for fall 2010. Her designs, to me are what a collection should be, they run through completing each other with the whole of the designs looking slightly different each time. I also love all the different layers and elements that create the outfit, it gets built up until it looks complete and engaging. Missoni is one of the collections, that i love every piece (like Rodarte, Chanel). She uses knitwear throughout, and she never has an off season.

My absolute favourite collection is her fall 2009. Just the signature image of layers of scarfs, round the head in a certain way sets off the look immediately, creating this wrapped up feeling in crisp snow. The colour palette brings a fresh outlook onto a fall collection, and the use of fabrics, floral, knit, tweed, fur etc expands the overall look to greater more unique scale. It was so hard to pick my favourites to show, i wanted to upload all of them!

However her spring/summer 2010 was just as amazing, i mean who else can create a summer collection out of knitwear and make it look exotically cool, with holey knit dresses and hareem trousers. It transports you to a Sahara desert, through the bead wear, light layers, again keeper to her signature layers and elements, and even right down to the shoes, to create almost a story of this girl on her travels.

Her latest fall collection, was just as crazy with bold tribal prints, beautiful entwined into the wool. However its more darker, with quite structured pieces in way, an opposite look to the fall 2009. These seem more uniquely shaped with knit halternecks, open ponchos fastened at a different height. Patchworks seem occurant, almost as if this was a tribe charging out, however there is slightly a futuristic sense to this collection, maybe because of the striped, zig zags and high necked collars. Which collection do you prefer?

Also I have just recently set up a flickr account to display some of my none fashion related photography. I take my camera round with me alot and i love to edit photos, i'm working on a reflection topic at the moment. Check it out http://www.flickr.com/photos/48798716@N06/
catwalk images taken off http://www.style.com/

20 March 2010

zine of my dreams

I could not believe my luck this morning, when i saw the latest Lula edition, in WHSmiths. I mean of course I wanted the copy, but where I live its harder to get the more different and unique magazines as I normally have to travel to a big Borders in Birmingham, however as that shut down last year I thought there was no way I'd be able to get a copy now. And so as I headed over to the ladies fashion section I started hyperventilating when i quickly snatched the last copy. I personally think it was waiting for me, but whatever! It shall now proudly sit on my shelf. Its a beautiful copy, no surprises there, celebrating five years of the magazine. There are 7 different magazine choices, which i found out by http://girlwhimsy.blogspot.com/, although i didn't get the choice i am really happy with the one i got, as i love the erdem dress shes wearing because i 'm really into white at the moment, and the green just makes it oh so summery. Here are some images:

19 March 2010

tapered trousers.

I haven't done an outfit post in ages! and i miss doing them! here are the tapered trousers from urban outfitters that i wore to London. Yes it was raining so i donned my brogues, republic leather jacket, and wore it with an illustrated people t-shirt to dress it down.

16 March 2010

how i love grace.

I have been preparing to do a presentation of an icon, and i decided to do Grace Coddington, and seeing as she is such an inspiration i thought i would post what i spoke about:
I first heard of Grace Coddington when I read an article about her in an edition of Lula. I didn’t quite understand who she was at the time, and it was later on that I was truly inspired by her and her work. Ever since I first started seeing her styled shoots, and through watching the documentary ‘The September Issue’. Now I can instantly tell when a shoot has been styled by Grace now, whether it’s been published in American Vogue or just found on the internet.

She lived in a small town in North Wales, and at a young age she was interesting in fashion, however she was very far away from the fashion world literally and metaphorically as she use to rush to be able to get a copy of vogue that was at least three months out of date. However this made her love fashion even more as she has said that she loves:

‘the whole sort of chic thing about Vogue that was so entirely out of context compared to the lifestyle that I led’.

I think this has made her even better as a stylist because of how she loved fashion but it seemed to be a completely different world to the one she was living as she creates fashion to be a world of play and make believe.

At the age of 18 she sent of a photo of her into the Vogue Young Model Competition, which she ended up winning therefore starting her career in modelling. Even though before hand she tried doing a modelling course in London and got told she was ‘hopeless and too fat’ by the head of Ford Models. However at the ages of 26 she was in car crash, in which she lost her eyelid and had to have plastic surgery. Nevertheless that didn’t stop her she still got modelling jobs after, but it was two years after the car crash she was offered the role of Junior Editor at British Vogue, which she worked her way up. Until the age of 47 where she went to work at American Vogue the same that Anna Wintour started.

The reason why I love Grace is how she is still traditional and tweaks everything when styling a shoot; she works at it, until it’s perfect. She’s traditional in the way that she’s one of the only stylists to actually dress the models, its now the modern thing for fashion editors to not touch a model, assistants are suppose to do that. She also traditional in the fact she’s not caught up in the whole celebrity culture, with the glitzy front row thing, she doesn’t like trends. She puts passion into every shoot and truly believes in it and will stand up for getting her ideas across, insisting to make it work, including pieces that editors would say no to, because every detail matters to her.

She seems to look at fashion in an artistic and historical view. Her shoots are whimsical and seem to keep fashion in a world of dreams, however her ideas are fresh. She can quickly pull things together, as in one instant five days before closing the issue a new shoot was wanted, and she suddenly came with a new idea to have the camera men in the shot. It created such a new and innovative way to look at how shoots are created. In my opinion her photo shoots read almost as a story or a picture book.

When I watched the September Issue one of the main things that stuck to me was when she spoke of a photographer ‘Norman Parkinson’, with who she worked with, was taught by and got her through her first shoots which were considered ‘an unqualified disaster’. He taught her to:

‘always keep your eyes open, never go to sleep in the car, keep watching because what ever you see out the window, or wherever you are, it can inspired you’.

And this just seems to describe Grace in what she does best, she’s a visionary, who seems to get inspired by a lot of things, too many things sometimes as Anna Wintour would say but overall understands the direction fashion goes in.

"I like fairy tales, and I like dreaming. I try to weave the reality into the dream," she says. "When readers pick up Vogue, I want them to smile. Everything should be a little tongue in cheek, a little dare-to-go-there."

14 March 2010


I wish i could spend all day re-reading all these beautiful creations.

12 March 2010

van gogh goodies.

Here were some of the goodies that a bought last Saturday while i was in London, they are all art related, from the Van Gogh Exhibition. It was so interesting to see his sketches, along with the oil paintings. Also because the sketches came after the oil paintings which is strange as he did no planning out they were just showing his brother the idea of his main paintings. It was such an amazing exhibition, it was shame there were so many people there.

10 March 2010

chloe sevigny cool kid.

I used to buy Elle all the time, however within the past year I've been gradually going against buying it and into more of the artistic type magazines such as Lula, Pop, 10, Another and British Vogue for their beautiful shoots. Although as soon as I saw Chloe Sevigny wearing the amazing Mui Mui spring summer collection on the cover I HAD to buy it. It even had the dog print on the title. The interview was OK, in terms of it didn't really tell you anything you didn't already know but it was still quite enjoyable to read and I liked the scribbled on photos. As for the rest of the magazine it was also quite good with the odd interesting articles and a good summary of the Elle style awards. So all in all a good issue to buy.
sorry for the bad photos.
oh and by the way Alice in Wonderland was AMAZING, GO AND SEE IT. It was totally unlike any other film. And i loved the new story line. And the outfits were amazing! Especially on Alice, loved all the blue dresses and even the red dress made out of curtains was just too cool. I found out the costume designer is Colleen Atwood so will have to research on her. Anyway seriously i recommend GO SEE IT.

8 March 2010

alice in wonderland.

i am going to see the eagerly anticipated Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland tonight. My expectations are high, and i don't know whether that's a good thing as i don't want to be let down. I have heard some negative comments about how its not the same story. However i feel this will give a new perspective on the film and will make it more fresh. As normally remakes of are never as good as the originals. The film directed by Tim Burton starting his wife Helena Bonham Carter, the legend Johnny Depp, the beautiful Anne Hathaway, Stephen Fry and many more well established and upcoming actors is set to be pretty amazing, although I doubt it will be as good as avatar which was just pure immenseness. Anyway i thought these Annie Leibovitz shoots were appropriate.



7 March 2010

i want to live in london.

I had a lovely time in London yesterday with my mom, I always love going to London, it just really makes me happy with the whole atmosphere, it also made it so much better it being such a lovely clear, sunny day. I didn't buy any clothes, however i did go in the new anthropologie shop that has recently opened on regent street in London. it was so beautiful, the way everything was set out with added details, one wall was covered in greenery ferns and downstairs there was an old rustic boat with all bed sheets in. The main event of the day was seeing the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition. It was utterly amazing! It seemed alot different from other exhibitions i have been to. I shall do a separate post soon on the exhibition. For now i shall leave you with some of my snapshots of the day with some photos edited via rollip dot com.

i wore a vintage lace top, autograph drape cardigan, topshop bag, blank urban outfitters tapered trousers, clarks shoes, urban outfitters necklace. Shall do i close up picture soon of the trousers.