28 February 2010

pretty woman.

Yesterday i went shopping, however i was pretty disappointed with some shops, didn't find anything really, however i do suggest looking in Zara, as they have some amazing shoes in! I also went prom dress shopping with friend and then when we got back we pigged out and watch pretty woman, what a great film. Here is what i wore:

Wearing: vintage cardigan, riverisland floral top, yuki slip dress,h&m tights, and urban outfitters boots.

25 February 2010

i need sleep.

Sorry i haven't been posting as frequently lately, I've not been feeling very inspired lately, I think its due to all this terrible weather. Also I've been very busy and its kinda running me down. However I am feeling slightly better after tonight, having gone to a private exhibition. I really enjoyed it and loved the art. It was an abstract piece based on memories and landscapes but you could interpret it as something new each time you looked at it. Here is what i wore, its kinda simple:

(wearing: vintage lace top, Zara skirt, Republic leather jacket, Accessorize belt, Topshop shoes)

Also I've just been checking style.com for London fashion week, and my main favourites were Burberry Prorsum and Vivienne Westwood and Topshop Unique for pure awesomeness. Well okay they had more than that, for Burberry Prorsum the fur coats (beautiful) and boots and even snakeskin leggings, i know sounds gross but all together the whole collection looked totally amazing, in my opinion Burberry Prorsum was one of the best shows of London. Topshop Unique, was just crazy, it had an animal fur theme, with leaves scattered along the catwalk, big eyebrows, messy hair, fur animal hats, knitted leggings, you kind of have to see them to understand what i mean! And Vivienne well she just is London fashion. Also i loved Erdem and Marios Schwab for their dresses, especially loved the collars that were added to dresses for a more quirky look, also the bold prints used in Erdem made a more hard look for them but i think it worked well. However I'm not gonna lie i was pretty disappointed with Charles Anastase this year it just didn't seem like a collection, and i just didn't make sense. I missed seeing Luella's designs too. www.style.com

24 February 2010

sweet disposition.

So today i wanted to do a post on the Elle Style awards as I was looking as what specific people were wearing last night because i was bored and my day was very unfashionable (I'm also really behind on looking up on London Fashion Week too). However i didn't know whether to or not as i am not into the whole celebrity culture thing, i mean Cheryl Cole's separation from Ashley was on the main bbc news yesterday, i mean what is going on with the world. Anyway back to fashion, what i mean is some celebrities are hailed as 'style icons' just for wearing a label. For example Kristen Steward she can obviously afford a haute couture piece and flashy shoes and somehow that makes her fashion icon. I applaud the people that don't just wear a dress for the label, as they wear it in their certain way and style it. For example you would know what i mean if i stated names such as Alexa Chung, the Olsens and Daisy Lowe. They truly love fashion and it shows, in how they wear all their elements that create an outfit. In a way this can relate to street style fashion and blogs, as what i love about it is that its raw and unique and they all create an outfit with elements of their personality within it. But anyway enough of the random ramble and trying to establish why I'm writing this for fashion purposes i shall show my favourites of the event.

(Olsens, Alexa Chung, Jade Jagger, Miquita Oliver, Pixie Geldof, Chung, Daisy Lowe)

Also he is an outfit i was wearing today. I seem to be wearing this dress alot lately, in fact in recentish post. Its quite an old dress that i haven't worn in ages and i have rediscovered it. I wanted to show how one piece of clothing can be worn in a completely different manner. Its kinda what i was getting at with the whole celebrity/ street style thing.

Illustrated People Tee, Topshop Dress, H&M tights, ski socks, urban outfitters boots, a selection of necklaces.Align Left

22 February 2010

today wearings, also a couple of months ago wearings.

Here is an outfit photo that i took a while ago, however i decided to wear it now. Its a simple outfit but i like it for that. I'm wearing a vintage lace top, pinafore i forget where from, urban outfitters necklace, Clark's shoes and Primark glasses. I like the lighting in this picture too as it was probably about September/October when it was taken, so it was nice and light, i wish it was like that now to take proper photos in! Also I've just been on the vogue website and found that Alexa Chung was doing a 'Today I'm wearing' thing, I'm not gonna lie its pretty cool, if you like to know the daily outfits of the Chungmister. Check it out http://www.vogue.co.uk/photo-blogs/alexa-chung/100219-alexa-chung-day-22.aspx

21 February 2010

unable to think of a title for natalia.

Natalia Vodianova is one of favourite models ever since i saw the Alice in Wonderland spread by Annie Leibovitz. The reason why i mention her is that i recently watched an interview of her on 'Friday Night with Jonathon Ross'. She spoke about her life in Russia before she came a model (she used to sell fruit with her mother illegally) how she became a model (her previous boyfriend, payed for her to start into the business). She also spoke of her family and her founded charity 'The Naked Heart Foundation' where she has had playgrounds built in Russia for children. Not only is she beautiful, she seems lovely and also has a glamorously unique style.


20 February 2010

our day of fun.

Me and one of my best friends went into town today, and she showed me this little vintage shop that her mum had found. It was full of unique treasures from elegant evening dresses and prom dresses to reworked shorts and leather gilets. I liked how it was arranged with books and posters on the walls, with shoes too. It was great to explore and my friend even tried on the red 1960s prom dress, it looked fab!

(Shine on from flash on camera, doesnt give the dress justice)

19 February 2010

photos in cyber space.

Kinda feeling abit uninspired today, so i thought i would just post some pictures i found while sorting out my files on my computer.

A bridge that i always walk near.

My wall.
An oddly beautiful bridge i saw on a walk with my dad.

Pretty flowers in jam jar.

One of my best friends converse on a 'clothes shoot' we did for art.

17 February 2010


How I love Marc Jacobs and Rodarte fall 2010 collections, also I love how Marc Jacobs banned celebrities from attending his show as he thinks the celebrity culture is boring, it made my day and also made me laugh. The Brit awards were last night and i absolutely fell in love with Lady Gaga's lace mask inspired by Marie Antoinette, mainly because I'm digging lace at the moment even it is an recurring 'trend' (did i just say digging?!), she made me smile how she made a tribute her to Alexander Mcqueen. I seem to have had so much spare time lately and I'm just researching lots, and not into the actual things i need to, like my new art project and academic things but ahh wells. Anyways, i managed to do two outfits today, i wanted to do three but my camera's battery decided to die on me. Also it was raining outside, and then for some unknown freakish reason it started snowing. So my photos are in my room and they aren't that great, but they do the job, i really want to start doing some proper photography shoots soon, but hard to fine great places to do them. I'm also not quite sure why I'm not smiling, i seem quite miserable, so i am sorry, I'm just really tired I NEED SLEEP.

Wearing Marks and Spencers white shirt, Urban Outfitters skirt, vintage Wrangler denim jacket, and Topshop sandals. Second outfit - vintage trench and dress, H&M tights, Topshop sandals.

Now to fashion week, only a quick thought as so many fashion blogs cover them in entirety, here are the main two that caught my eye which were Marc Jacobs and Rodarte.
Marc Jacobs, ankle dresses, socks, sling back shoes, fur coats, in nude/pastel shades. All romantic with a nostalgic almost country feel.

I loved the dreamlike quality of the Rodarte designs, with the quirky patch worked beautiful endless layers of florals mixed with delicate lace leggings. The main thing that struck me was the lightless and how it ended with the almost ghostly but amazingly inspiring delicate white dresses, but for some reason they also give off a quite rough edge, i think mainly from the way the fabrics are draped and the texture. I'm also loving the polka dots on the skirt.

16 February 2010

i ate four pancakes today, how many did you eat?

Firstly sorry that this post isn't a post full of outfits of the shoes, will do tomorrow, I've just kinda been lazing about. Today however, me and one of best friends went to Manchester shopping today. Although as I seem to have spent all my money on Saturday I didn't really buy anything, apart from the book 'Catcher in the Rye' by J.D Salinger which i am ashamed to say i haven't read yet and therefore as a tribute to him i decided to finally get the book. I look forward to reading it.

Pretty weird expression huh, anyway i am also very excited about Alexa Chung for Madewell as she debuted the collection yesterday, which of course true to Alexa is absolutely school girlish/boyish/grannyishly beautiful, I'm completely in love and I'm not gonna lie I'm slightly jealous of her, she is just too cool.

Also I REALLY want it to be summer, to go on beautiful bike rides, pick flowers, play in the sea, and lie in fields, whilst wearing a straw hat, dungarees and wedges like the little country person i am.


By Tim Walker, from book 'Pictures'

Teen Vogue April 2008, Prom Shoot

Gemma Ward, Vogue October 2005 By Corrine Day


'The GoGetter' http://www.imbd.com/, Alexander Wang Spring/Summer Resort 2010, Wedges http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/


14 February 2010

happy valentines.

So I woke up this morning to see this little delight on my beside table. My mom is so cute.

Yeah kinda weird photo, i took it yesterday while i was out shopping, as i suddenly saw this heart balloon in the sky and managed to capture it with these beautiful tree/twigs in the sky. I edited it to get this colour.

I haven't really done much today, i did however tidied my room which was becoming a bottomless pit. I also finished reading the book i bought yesterday, it was really interesting to see how all of these designers started off, what inspired them, how they saw/see there collections etc, i mean some stuff i already knew about my particular favourites, but whether you like the clothes or not you have to appreciate each designer for their eclectic creativity and striving to achieving perfection in something that they absolutely adore. Whoa abit in depth there. Anyway reading this book reminded me of all my magazines, that i have bought within the last few months, that i so desperately need to finish reading. And how fashion week in new york is in tow and i haven't yet been on style.com and haven't even seen the photos of poor Agyness Deyn tripping over twice on the runway, i bet they were some stupidly high shoes. Resolutions get my act together, read more.
Anyway sorry to bore you, also today i was trying out my new sandals, well OK only one outfit, and coincidentally i was wearing them with rolled up jeans which was what Chelsea from http://dearilou.blogspot.com/ suggested, thank you for all the others suggestions too, i shall try them with different coloured tights, shorts and skirts during the week.

Sorry for the ity bity post, will be back to normal tomorrow.
P.S how cool are the back of the shoes?

13 February 2010

todays happenings.

I think today was the first time I've been shopping in a couple of months. Its quite bad i know. But i just get so busy with other things and then i just forget about shopping and look online, which is bad as you can never tell what something really looks, feels, hangs but I suppose you can send them back. Anyways so today I actually bought two things, I wasn't going with the intention of buying anything, though i did have a wish list.
I bought a pair of gladiator kinda sandal things from Topshop. They are quite strange, but i really like them, statement shoes i think, though i am not sure whether to keep them as I don't know what to wear them with, i will have to play around with them. I did think a nude/pink/pastel dress as abit of a contrast, but what do you think of them, any suggestions of how to wear them?

p.s don't you think the topshop bag is uber cool? i love the turquoise colour.
i also bought the book 'British Fashion Designers' iv been wanting it for quite a while, iv just started reading it and so far its really interesting. It has loads of eccentric British designers, which all seem very artistic in their fashion creation, which i suppose is what British fashion is determined to be. I think it will be a very inspiring read.