14 September 2010

spendings in italy.

Murano glass ring from Lucca. A couple of years ago we went to the Murano Island, and to just see some of the beautiful creations made from the glass is just lovely! Tan Leather Bag from Florence, from this little handbag shop, as soon as you walked into the room you could smell the beautiful leather. Finally Elle Italia, from Viareggio where we stayed.

7 September 2010


On our third day there we caught the train and had a day trip in the lovely town of Lucca. Its a walled town which to get into you go through a tunnel and it has so much character it is lovely to walk around. My mum and I took loads of photos, as around every corner was something new to see. There were some lovely little shops too, one especially where i bought a ring and my bought a necklace. We didn't know very much about the town and just explored by ourselves which was really good, I'd love to go again though and look around more as there were soo many winding streets. Also there was tower which would have been good to go up to see the view, it was so hot though we had to keep stopping in shade! Didn't get very dressed up, because of the weather, so just wore urban outfitters skirt, zara tee and accessorize sunglasses.