24 July 2010

life is a dancefloor.

A couple of random shots of me, from the shoot with my friend.

22 July 2010

21 July 2010

a mix of taste.

These are some of the second set of photos i took of my friend. I loved the colour of the skirt, and the girlishness of it and decided to pair it with the tribal print top for a complete contrast, yet i think the colours work really well together. Again we have rings, but also wooden bracelets to go with the top. I loved the look with converse to really quirk the look up. I really love the soft lighting in the first photo and so i made the rest have an earthy tone to the photo. I'm starting to find i like it better behind the camera!

20 July 2010

a new world.

These are the first set of photos i took took of my friend. I loved the dress with the wet look leggings and my friends hair went so well with the look too. I took so many photos but i decided these three were the best, the lighting was so good and i decided to do a near black and white image. It was kind of an effortless look, but with attitude, my friend pulled it off perfectly. What do you think guys?

11 July 2010

fields forever.

Such an amazingly strange night, and the bands were awesome! I wore urban outfitters headband, selections of rings, topshop shorts, yuki dress/top.

7 July 2010

obssessed with under and over slips.

Mary Kate here, Topshop Fall here, Mary Kate and Ashley here, Erin Fetherson here.

Ever since i saw them on Mary Kate and Ashley at the Elle style awards, i loved the look. If only i could find the perfect translucent maxi skirt.

3 July 2010


So guys, i had the infamous prom last night. And it actually was such an amazing night and I'm actually really sad its over as we have been planning it for so long. Although i am pretty tired considering i didn't go to sleep all night due to after parties. I decided not to dress 'promish' as personally i don't really like the look and it wouldn't of suited me, so i decided to go for a more me approach. I found this dress a couple of months back, as a special edition Topshop maxi dress, i feel in love with the pattern and the black lace at the top. And yes i may have been the only girl in a printed dress but i loved it. I accessorized with my rings, dangly earrings and messy clipped up hair.