3 July 2010


So guys, i had the infamous prom last night. And it actually was such an amazing night and I'm actually really sad its over as we have been planning it for so long. Although i am pretty tired considering i didn't go to sleep all night due to after parties. I decided not to dress 'promish' as personally i don't really like the look and it wouldn't of suited me, so i decided to go for a more me approach. I found this dress a couple of months back, as a special edition Topshop maxi dress, i feel in love with the pattern and the black lace at the top. And yes i may have been the only girl in a printed dress but i loved it. I accessorized with my rings, dangly earrings and messy clipped up hair.


  1. prom in July,oh wow.I can't wait for mine,next year :)
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  2. I love your dress choice! Definitely original, and more memorable than some taffeta nightmares one spots. :) Your makeup is really pretty, too.

    My infamous prom I borrowed the dress, my shoes were on sale, and my friends did my hair. It was the cheapest prom ever.

  3. you look amazing!! i love that dress, the print and lace are gorgeous and i think it's awesome your wearing something unique and so you. bet you had the besst night xx

  4. Nice dress!! Love your hair too!

  5. love love love your dress! wish i had such a nice one! greetings!

  6. And you were, by far, the coolest girl there I bet.

  7. ooh i love your look its amazing :D
    And u have a really pretty dress:)
    And your blog is so nice!!
    Its my new fav!
    I follow u :D