30 January 2010

beating like a hammer.

Are the lyrics of the song 'Help im alive' by the Metric who i have been listening to like all day, well throw in some Mumford & Sons, Biffy Clyro and Goo Goo Dolls and your almost there. So yeah a slow day just sewing really and now im waiting for my friends to come round ready for the party i mentioned in a bit. Here is what i think im wearing, though i may changed my mind as this is abit of simple outfit, i got abit distracted when taking these photos:

I'm wearing a vintage faded denim jacket, yuki lace dress and urban outfitters tan boots.

29 January 2010

more elephants?

So iv just been watching re runs of charmed (my inner nerd decided to challenge herself to watch every single episode and I'm up to season 5 :/) and I've been racking my brain to decide what to wear for a party tomorrow night. No such luck. Even though i always get told i have million amounts of clothes in my wardrobe and i have no excuse to say 'i don't have anything to wear'. Its probably best that i don't plan it and wear something thrown together and random, always seems to work best.
As for the rest of my day its been mainly arts based. However i also decided that today was my 'find lost things day' as i thought i had lost my favourite necklace a couple of days ago, only to find it in my bag wedged in a corner. Also i found the main thing that i have been looking for, for like 3 weeks I'm not even joking. My textiles folder WAS FOUND. So all of my worries, well about textiles anyways can be cleared and i can do alot of sewing this weekend. Anyway i found this great illustrator while i was searching for inspiration see what you think:

The illustrator is Erin Petson, her artwork has featured in many well known places and things such as more recently Vogue Nippon and Japanese Dazed & Confused. I love the colour palette she uses along with the thick texture of the paint, however counter balanced with the delicate skill of drawing.
P.S i love how crazy are the elephants and zebras in the picture i think it really makes the picture, not just like an ordinary fashion illustration its something that has quirkiness to it or makes you look twice.

27 January 2010

the beauty of chanel.

The Paris couture shows were out in storm a couple of days ago. And to keep with my love of dusky and nude colours i found myself in love with the latest Chanel couture look, surprise surprise! Last spring Chanel couture i loved how Karl Lagerfeld transfered plain white into something texturally beautiful, with the whole of the looks inspired by folded paper he said "he'd cleared everything away and started with a clean sheet of paper.".
The whole time i was looking at the spring 10 and kept thinking to myself 'hmm is this better than last year?'
Spring/Summer 10

Spring/Summer 09

It seems more playful and more risk taking, and totally relates to the latest trends of cotton candy colours for spring, however gives the element of romanticism and space age. (not that i tend to follow trends but i do really like this one). It had alot of elements to it, with the metallic and the candy colours, jewel encrusted jackets, ruffles and raras, flower ponchos and original structured shapes, as much as i loved the textured flower, ruffle dresses i do really like the revamp of the classic Chanel skirt suit.

But then again, just looking at last years, can you really beat those exquisite paper-flower tiara constructions and reworked beautiful, graphical, textured silhouettes? A collection to truly treasure.

26 January 2010

talking of coats.

Using editing from http://www.rollip.com/, this is an amazing website that lets you create your photos to have a polaroid look. They have more than ever choices now, however i do think i like how the website was before as i think with fewer choices it had better quality.

With my obsession with coats at the moment i decided to raid my moms wardrobe, and i found this cute tan sheepskin coat. i like the tan colour with the grey/blue jeans and think it compliments nicely.

I'm wearing: vintage coat, primark long bag with bow and vintage brooch added, my friends H&M jeans, accessorize turquoise ring and sandals from red.

25 January 2010

beautiful picture book.

i mentioned in an earlier post about my Tim Walker 'Pictures' book that i got for Christmas. I've just been looking through it today for inspiration and a lot of the landscape pictures appealed to me, where he's position objects that would not typically be in that environment which gives them a real contrast. i also love some of the more simple and less known pictures such as the flowers on the coat hangers and the floating car on a lake. i think mainly why i like his photographs is the beautiful colours and lights, and just the pure unusualness that gets you thinking about the photo. i went a bit crazy taking photos and had to just narrow it down as i took photos of nearly every page!

24 January 2010

i'm in love with 3.1 phillip lim.

Phillip Lim's latest collection was one of my favourites of the spring/summer collections, however it came to my attention whilst i was on my regular surf of http://www.style.com/ i hadn't see his latest resort collection. Obviously its quite simple as resort collections are, but i love the neutral colours and high waists. And how he uses the brown belts and lets the top rim of the skirts sticks out. Also i find my self strangely drawn to the suits with shorts, here are my favourites check it out:

This collection has so many elements to it, from the weaving shapes on dresses, crinkle skirts, black embellishment/studs to the beautiful fabric used on the shorts and shirt dress. And just look at those amazing peep toe booties, i want want want.

23 January 2010

granny fashion and coats.

Today i went to get my hair cut. Not that you can tell, it was just a trim really. I want to get it cut shorter for a more quirky look, as i always clip it up anyways, but i like my curly hair and get scared about cutting my little ringlets off! Anyways here is what i wore:

Where i get my hair cut is a cute little market town, it has amazing charity shops, and really cool stalls. This one stall had amazing fur coats in this big vintage trunk with different coloured lanterns around it. In a charity shop i found millions of great coats and one beautiful velvet dress but what did i do? i forgot my stupid camera. So you will have to use your imagination. One of these stalls sold magazines, yeah i know kinda weird for a market, but anyways they sell like a couple of months old magazines for £1 that are meant to be like £6! So i bought two of these delightful magazines, however i didn't get time to read them at the hairdressers as it was really too noisy and music was blaring out, but i have taken some pictures of a favourite shoot from each magazine.
Pop Magazine:

Ten Magazine:

This last one is my favourite. i love the ultimate layering of jackets, blouses, scarfs etc and the great range of colours, also the bags really add a new dimension to the overall look. i love granny fashion, its crazy you see old ladies walking down the street and they look incredibly cool. i hope i look like this when I'm older.

Throughout these shoots they are wearing some great coats and i have been quite obsessed with coats lately, in my photo i am wearing a vintage trench. i am also wearing urban outfitters boots and skirt h&m tights, the ones i mentioned in another post, and topshop bag. the main styles i like are princess or a duffle coat though, look to these beautiful people for inspiration:

Agyness Deyn, Navy Duffle Coat

Ashley Olsen, Long Men's Navy Coat

Fearne Cotton, Black Velvet Coat

Chloe Sevigny, Black Leather Coat

Alexa Chung, Leopard Print Fur Coat

Celebrity Photos Taken off http://www.zimbio.com/