3 September 2009

london calling.

Yesterday I spent the day in London, which I normally go to every couple of months for a recent art exhibitions and a spot of shopping. I went to see Per Kirkeby in the Tate Modern, and as it was middle of the week, just as the gallery was opening, the exhibition was almost empty and very easy to look around. I didn't really know what to expect about going to see his work, but i really enjoyed it. The postcards and photographs of his work don't do them justice! The colours in them are beautiful and really eye catching, with big blocks of colour with "scribbles" or outlines over them. They layering of the paints and textures was just incredible and with some of the scales of the pieces, I would find myself standing staring at them for ages! All in all a really great trip, cant wait till i go again, hopefully soon!

This was the outfit i wore today; a dress slip by Yuki, Topshop brown leather satchel, vintage blue thin waist belt and black Topshop Brogues.

And i got these beautiful booties from Urban Outfitters. A bit pricey but the quality is of an amazing standard, and they were a lovely early birthday present!