21 July 2010

a mix of taste.

These are some of the second set of photos i took of my friend. I loved the colour of the skirt, and the girlishness of it and decided to pair it with the tribal print top for a complete contrast, yet i think the colours work really well together. Again we have rings, but also wooden bracelets to go with the top. I loved the look with converse to really quirk the look up. I really love the soft lighting in the first photo and so i made the rest have an earthy tone to the photo. I'm starting to find i like it better behind the camera!


  1. I love your pictures (both today's and yesterday's)! The outfit today is quirky and fun, yet so chic. You definitely have a future as a stylist or photographer.

  2. I love the different patterns in this outfit, its so fun but fab :) I love this outfit, fave part, the shoes!

    Love always,
    Breckenridge Clare